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All of the quotes below have been taken from the many letters, and cards of thanks, that Eckling Grange receives on a regular basis. All relate to the last six months and the majority have been received since our last inspection.

All of the names mentioned have been removed for the sake of privacy but the originals are held on file. 

Just a flavour of the thanks received during the Christmas Celebration, December 2017

"To all the Carers and Staff at Eckling Grange."

A BIG thank you for looking after xxxx so well throughout the year."

"Thank you to all the staff who gave us such a wonderful Christmas Meal yesterday. You all worked so hard especially the kitchen staff."

"Thank you all, the staff at Eckling Grange who take such wonderful care of Dad."

"To all the staff at Eckling Grange. Thank you all for caring and supporting our Mother. xxxx was very much under the weather on Christmas Day so I became a "room steward" for the day with her. However, what I must say is just how impressed I was by all the Staff. They made sure I was supplied with a Christmas meal in the room, asked if I needed anything more and essentially looked after both myself and xxxx! So a huge THANK YOU to all on duty that day. Particularly the lady in charge."

"Just a personal word of thanks to the whole team for the wonderful Christmas Party. It was not only a splendid meal we appreciated but also the demonstration of loving care which is shown to us all in this community. We praise the Lord for the privilege of living here and sharing in this very special community."

"To all the staff at Eckling Grange. Thanks for taking care of Dad in his last days with such understanding and kindness."

"To all the staff at Eckling Grange, just to say thanks for the very real care you provided to Mum."

"To all the staff in the Auriol Tessier Wing. Thanks for all the care you give to Mum."

Written by a Resident’s Daughter December 2017

"Somehow just saying thank you does not seem quite enough. But I hope you know how much your thoughtfulness has meant to us. With grateful thanks to all the staff who cared for xxxx while she was a resident."

Written by a Resident’s Brother November 2017

"Just a short note to say many thanks for the talk on Dementia and Alzheimer’s recently. Greatly appreciate the effort put in by so many staff and it was great chatting away to the residents. Also, if that chef of yours ever wants to do contract work I can easily find him some bookings with food of that quality."

Written by a Resident’s Daughter November 2017

"To all the care staff at Eckling Grange. Thank you for all the loving care you gave to Dad in all the time he was with you. We know you did your very best for him."

Written by a Resident’s Daughter September 2017

"Whatever can we say to express adequately our thanks to you all for the incredible selfless care you gave to our Mum during the last weeks of her life. When we could no longer meet her needs, God provided the unit at Eckling Grange where the staff looked after Mum as though she were their own.

What we saw so clearly was that every single resident was treated with love, understanding and respect for their dignity. The atmosphere in the unit is so peaceful yet so vibrant. It is a place of love and laughter, serenity and stimulus, perfect in fact.

During Mum’s last day or two of life we saw such beautiful and sensitive care, enabling her to experience a peaceful passing into the presence of the Lord. Thank you all so very, very much and may you all know the true blessing that comes from God Himself."

Written by a Resident’s Daughter September 2017

"On behalf of my sisters and the rest of the family, I extend our thanks to all the staff who cared for Mummy over the years.."

Written by a Resident’s Daughter September 2017

"Please accept the enclosed as a small token of the many thanks that we owe you for looking after, caring and loving xxxx. I especially found during the last weeks and days of her life that I was very impressed by the thoughtfulness of all your staff as they came and went. They never seemed to be in a hurry and were very mindful that we were there too and needed caring for as well.

Please convey to Elizabeth and all her team, the cleaners, kitchen staff and all the other staff that now work at Eckling our grateful thanks. I will miss you all, 15 years is a very long friendship, so thank you."

Written by a Resident’s Daughter September 2017

"Just wanted to say a big thank you for all you do to brighten up the life of the residents at Eckling Grange. Mum SO enjoyed the outing to Felbrigg walled gardens. And I gather they even got to the coast and were treated to 99s!! She also greatly enjoyed the outings to Pastor Ian’s church and the visit to the Dereham Garden Centre earlier in the summer. Mum also mentions the things you organize for them within the care home.

It seems to me that Mum has come on in leaps and bounds these past few months and I’m sure all these outings, the church services and the Bible study/thought for the week have made a big contribution to this. I can’t tell you how much it means to phone Mum and hear her cheerful voice at the other end after a somewhat rocky start. I am sure you have a challenging job at times but hopefully you also reap the rewards!" 

Written by a Resident’s Daughter September 2017

"God’s goodness continued right through to the end of her long life and was in no small way due to the excellent and loving care which she received at Eckling Grange. Her last nine weeks of life, when my sister and I could no longer meet her needs, could not have been bettered in any way. Every person she and we came into contact with at the Grange gave exemplary care at every level. Mum was always treated with dignity, thoughtfulness and total consideration. The care in her last days was truly outstanding and we are simply so very, very grateful.

Mum settled very quickly into the routine of the Unit and I know she kept the staff 'on their toes' as she 'busied’ about long after she was physically able to do so. You might be interested to know that her American daughter-in-law, who was only able to visit in the last week or so of Mum's life, expressed to me just how impressed she was with everything at Eckling Grange.

She commented that when her own Mum had needed care like this in the States, she had been able to find a home that looked very like Eckling Grange, but she had had to 'monitor' the staff as sometimes their attitude had left something to be desired. Not so with Eckling Grange! She was incredibly impressed with every member of staff she met and commented on how peaceful and loving the care was. Plenty of activity, laughter and helpfulness but no 'angst'.

So, thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Eckling Grange is a very special place as are the staff. True Christian care."

Written by a Resident’s Son September 2017

"Please accept our thanks from the family for the care provided to Mum & Dad during their all too short stay at Eckling Grange. Everyone who visited the Grange talked of the friendly, caring way the staff carried out their duties in looking after the residents. Visitors are always made to feel welcome and the personal attention to each individual always evident. We miss our visits for more than the obvious reason."

Written by a Resident’s Son August 2017

"I just wanted to say thank you for encouraging Dad to go on the trip to Saxlingham chapel last Thursday, he was a little bemused by the whole birthday thing but clearly enjoyed himself."

Written by a Resident’s Son August 2017

"I just wanted to say thank you for encouraging Dad to go on the trip to Saxlingham chapel last Thursday, he was a little bemused by the whole birthday thing but clearly enjoyed himself."

Written by a Resident’s Friend August 2017

"On behalf of xxxx local church, can I thank you and all your staff for the help we were given today. It meant a lot to all of us to be able celebrate xxxx 90th Birthday. We were all made very welcome when we invaded the Grange and the use of the lounge suited the occasion perfectly. A Big Thank You from all of us."

Written by a Resident’s Sister July 2017

"Thank you all for the care and attention you gave to xxxx. He really did find it difficult to settle down at times but it was such relief to us knowing he was being so well looked after."

Written by a Resident’s Son July 2017

"Just to say, Our deep appreciation and thanks for your exceptional care of my Dear Mother during the last 4 ½ months of her life. During that time, we lost count of how many times she said that she couldn’t be in a better place. We entirely agree with those remarks."

Written by a Resident’s Son July 2017

"It was a big relief to us when she entered the home to know she was in a safe and caring environment. It will seem strange for a while not coming to see her and we shall miss the friendly staff and those residents who were able to talk to."

Written by a Resident’s Daughter June 2017

"Thank you so much for the excellent care, physically, mentally & spiritually that all your staff have shown to Mum over the four + years that she spent in The Wing in Eckling Grange. At no time have we been anxious about her care & we have always been quickly informed of any concerns of the staff & been included in discussing how to deal with them.

We must especially mention the kindness & thoughtfulness of everyone in the Wing towards Mum & the family during the last week of Mum's life. We are writing to the staff separately but we would like you to convey our thoughts to the trustees."

Written by a Resident’s God Son May 2017

"I know how much xxxx and xxxx appreciated the care and kindness of everyone at Eckling Grange and that xxxx continues to enjoy living there. Thank you for providing such a loving and caring environment in which they could spend their last few years together. With grateful thanks for all of the work that you and your team carry out."

Written by a Resident’s Daughter April 2017

"For all the staff who loved and cared for my Mum so well in the five years she was a resident in the Wing. THANK YOU xx"

Written by a Resident’s Daughter April 2017

"It is a week now since Dad had his fall and went into the N&N Accident and Emergency department. We can't thank the team at Eckling enough for their swift reaction and care for Dad on that day.

xxxx and I want to thank you all at Eckling for expressing your desire to have Dad back as soon as possible for you to care for him. This is an absolute testament, as far as we are concerned, to the excellent, kind and loving attention Dad has received from the staff at Eckling during his time with you. That you all want him back to continue this care is just wonderful. Thank you all for this.

Once more, thank you for your love and care for Dad and making him a part of the wonderful Eckling family. Please also send our love, on Dad's behalf to his friends - the lovely residents of Eckling, too many to mention, in whose prayers and thoughts he is tonight.. "

Written by a Resident’s Daughter February 2017

"Pastor Ian, I am xxxx daughter and I’m writing to let you know just how much she appreciates your ministry and encouragement. The worship services on Sunday, the Tuesday morning ‘Thought for the Week’ and the Thursday evening Bible studies are a source of inspiration to her and she regularly speaks of these with enthusiasm. It really does make all the difference to her, and I’m sure for other residents too."

Written by a Resident’s Son February 2017

"And a Big Thankyou to all the family at Eckling for the love and care shown to both of our parents. In particular, we would like to express our appreciation for the considerate personal care given to dad in the final days and hours."

Written by a Resident’s Son December 2016

"Please pass on our sincere thanks to all the staff who help to make my Mother’s life such a wonderful experience. It is such a wonderful feeling to know that in the twilight of her life she is experiencing such wonderful care and consideration and this is done with total dedication."

Written by a Resident’s Daughter December 2016

"Once again thank you for what all the staff do for Mum. We couldn’t wish for better care."

Written by a Resident’s Family December 2016

"We would like to thank you all for all the care, love and attention that you have shown Mum in her last months. We were touched and impressed by the high standards of professionalism shown by everybody but also the little human touches that went beyond just doing a job. She greatly appreciated her Lucozade.

The whole family felt that she was in the right place that was both safe and comfortable. The warm Christian atmosphere was a particular blessing.

So again, thank you to all those involved in her care"

Written by a Bungalow Resident December 2016

"Thank you for all of your help before and after I moved in. Eckling Grange is perfect."

Written by a Resident December 2016

"Thanks for everything all your staff do to make my life so much more reassuring. I Love it."

Written by a Resident December 2016

"Dear xxxx and all those involved with the Christmas party and other celebrations. We at the Grange would like to thank you for giving us such a good time. We all enjoyed it so much. Thank you again for the wonderful time."

Written by a Resident’s Family December 2016

"We are so pleased to give our support to the staff at Eckling Grange for the help and concern for the people they care for. We especially appreciate the love and care you give to our Aunt."

Written by a Resident’s Daughter December 2016

"I want to express our sincere thanks to everyone involved in caring for our Mother, for giving her a caring home at this challenging and sometimes discouraging stage of life. We are grateful for all of the encouragement and support you give her, for your patience and kindness, for taking time to help her become more mobile. It means so much to each of us as well as to Mum."

Written by a Resident December 2016

"Thank you all so much for the love, care & support you show me at all times."

Written by a Resident’s Daughter December 2016

"It is impossible to adequately express my gratitude to you in the way you cared for my Mother. She came to you reluctantly; dementia had started. She enjoyed the services and prayer meetings so much, she made friends which was so important to her.

She then moved to the dementia unit and during that time it transformed from an institution into a home. The staff began to know her needs better than me and get appropriate medical help. This was exceptional as people with well developed dementia are very hard to read.

Your care for her was exceptional as it is with all your residents and I thank God for this provision."

Written by a Resident’s Daughter December 2016

"Your help on the day that Mum died will stay with my sister and myself for ever. It was an indication of the care that you gave Mum. Thank you for caring for her as if she might have been your own Mother."

Written by a Resident following respite care November 2016

"Thank you for all the care and attention given to us recently. We had a great time at Eckling Grange and made some good friends.

Thanks to everyone, especially the chefs for the more than satisfying meals."

Written by a Resident’s Niece November 20166

"Thank you for the care you all gave my dear Aunt, especially through the last weeks and days of her life. This care was a true answer to prayer."

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