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  • The Masson Singers

    The Masson Singers

    On the 18th August Pastor Ian and his family came and sang to the residents. A big thank you to you all for coming, especially the 3 children, the residents loved you.

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  • Garden Party (Indoors)

    Garden Party (Indoors)

    On the 25th July even the rain couldn’t spoil our annual garden party. We had 11 stalls displaying all sorts of goodies scattered around the Grange (one of the big advantages of having so much space). Even though we had to be inside, it didn’t spoil the occasion with around 150 visitors joining us on the day.

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  • Six Form Tea Dance

    Six Form Tea Dance

    On Tuesday 30th June Barnham Broom Youth Choir came and sang to the residents. A large group gathered in the lounge and everyone thoroughly enjoyed  hearing the young people sing and play instruments. Thank you to those who gave up there time for the residents.

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  • Barnham Broom Youth Choir

    Barnham Broom Youth Choir

    On Tuesday 30th June Barnham Broom Youth Choir came and sang to the residents. A large group gathered in the lounge and everyone thoroughly enjoyed  hearing the young people sing and play instruments. Thank you to those who gave up there time for the residents.

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  • Afternoon Tea

    Afternoon Tea

    On Tuesday 30th June Barnham Broom Youth Choir came and sang to the residents. A large group gathered in the lounge and everyone thoroughly enjoyed  hearing the young people sing and play instruments. Thank you to those who gave up there time for the residents.

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  • Dereham Neatherd High School

    Dereham Neatherd High School

    On Tuesday 23rd June, a group from Neatherd High School Band came to play to the residents. We had hoped this would be the first function in the new band stand since it has been finished but unfortunately it was a cold day so we had to be inside.

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  • Roy is retiring

    Roy is retiring

    For the last 4 years Roy Spalding has been providing the transport for all of our ‘trips out’ on the Local Charity Bus. After many years of faithfully providing transport for the elderly in the Dereham area, Roy is taking a well-earned rest and retiring. We would like to say a very big thank you to Roy for all of the help he has provided over the years.

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  • St George’s Day 2015 

    St George’s Day 2015 

    For the first time at Eckling Grange we decided to mark St George’s Day with a Street Party style event in the main lounge. We put all the tables together in the lounge and had all of the old favourite songs playing.

    Listen to the singalong on the video clips.

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  • Gressenhall Rural Life Museum

    Gressenhall Rural Life Museum

    On the 8th June we took out our largest group of residents and volunteers yet, 28 in all, 14 residents and 14 volunteers. Firstly we need to say a big thank you to all of those who helped, to even make this possible.
    The residents had a great day going around the rural life museum and also visiting the farm, which is connected to the museum. The highlight was a tractor ride for all, even if it was a bit difficult to get everyone on board. 

    Take a look at the pictures.

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  • Gun Dog Display

    Gun Dog Display

    Wednesday 27th May was another first for Eckling Grange as we held our very first Gun Dog Display. The display was held on the main lawns and residents from the home and bungalows sat out on a beautiful afternoon and enjoyed the amazing display. A big thank you must go to Trevor, Dave, Mary and William for making it all happen.
    If you liked the dog’s, then look out for the Dog Show, which is coming up on 19th August.

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  • Bawdeswell Garden Centre

    Bawdeswell Garden Centre

    On 11th May a small group of residents went to Bawdeswell Garden Centre. Although the Tea shop was good, the walk around the grounds was enjoyed far more.

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  • 100th Birthday

    100th Birthday

    On the 3rd May Gladys Dodsworth celebrated her 100th Birthday with Family and Friends. Gladys is an amazing lady who is still very much the life and soul of the party.

    Gladys’s family had travelled from both sides of the world to celebrate their Mum’s birthday. Gladys has lived on site since first moving into a bungalow with her husband in May 1985. John passed away in Jan 2001. Gladys has been living in the Grange since Dec 2011 and we love having her with us.  Please take a look at the pictures.

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  • Norwich Castle Museum

    Norwich Castle Museum

    This trip out proofs, that it’s never too late to learn. On the 13th April a group of residents went for a trip to Norwich Castle. The Castle was built 900 years ago by the Normans as a Royal Palace but is open today as a museum. 

    Enjoy the pictures.

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  • Spring Watch

    Spring Watch

    On the 10th April Spring Watch came to Eckling Grange. Our Spring Watch was a little different to the BBC but we had all sorts of animals here for the residents to enjoy, plus we had a beautiful spring day as well. The residents loved holding, cuddling and stroking everything from a spring lamb to a rabbit or a duckling to a hedgehog.  If you don’t normally, you must look at these pictures they are great.

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  • Farewell Parade

    Farewell Parade

    Four of our residents joined around 4,000 Dereham folk witness the Farewell Parade by the Light Dragoons. Take a look at the pictures

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  • SOAK


    Once again during the Easter Holidays we’ve had a visit from the young people who get involved with the Social Action Week run by Breckland Youth for Christ. The youngsters came and got involved with various activities during the afternoon which also included one resident giving a recorded interview about her younger life.

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  • Music in March

    Music in March

    During March we’ve had two very different items of musical entertainment. The first was John Money singing and playing his guitar. Then at the end of the month the Windmill Ringers came again and played a variety of songs. In both cases the residents loved singing along to the music.

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  • Mothers Day

    Mothers Day

    This event is always a favorite with everyone. This years over 40 family memebers came in and joined their Mother for Tea. A great time was had by all and a big thank you goes to the kitchen once again for the amazing buffet. Take a look at the pictures.

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  • Flower Arranging

    Flower Arranging

    Thanks to flower arranging has taken on a new meaning. Twice in the last few weeks Edwina has collect literately a car load of flower which Sainsbury’s have kindly donated and then the residents have enjoyed arranging and displaying them around the home.

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  • Alzheimer’s Singers

    Alzheimer’s Singers

    On 23rd February the Alzheimer Society Singers came to the Wing to entertain the residents during the afternoon. Several residents from the Grange also went over to the Wing to join in with the singing.

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  • Zootastic


    Thursday 12th Feb What a great time was had by the residents when Zootastic came to visit. They brought with them all sorts of animals, from snakes to rabbits and many more. Take the time to look at the various pictures.

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  • Morrisons

    Morrisons has become a regular spot for a cream tea. Several residents have loved going down to the shop for afternoon tea. A big thank you goes to Morrisons for providing the refreshments.

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  • Reminiscence


    On the 19th January, Edwina (Activities Co-ordinator) put in a lot of effort to bring together some very special bits of War time memorabilia. There were so many stories being talked about that everyone nearly missed dinner.

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  • Burns Night Event 2015

    Burns Night Event

    Wednesday 28th January. To celebrate Burns Night this year, we had our own Piper come and ‘pipe in the Haggis’. Haggis had been prepared by the kitchen and most of the residents enjoyed tasting, but not all!! The piper then stayed and played several well-known traditional Burns Night songs. Take a look at the pictures and watch the video.

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  • Christmas around Eckling Grange

    Christmas around Eckling Grange

    We have had a great time this Christmas. As you will see from the various pictures, there was loads going on, with a lot of fun had by all. Our Christmas activities started on the 2nd Dec and went through until the 30th. The activities included everything, from a Christmas craft sale, to music events, from a Christmas Dinner for 125 people to a Party for all, from a Christmas Nativity put on by Ian and the staff, to a service on Christmas morning. A big thank you to all who contributed but especially to our staff who worked all across the Christmas period.

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  • Alzheimer’s Society Singing Group

    Alzheimer’s Society Singing Group

    The dementia garden has been re-landscaped. The idea is the new path ways and summer house will give the residents space to explore. There’s a post box and water feature, as well as some chickens the residents can help feed each day. There is still quite a bit of planting to do, so keep a look out, as the space develops in the coming months. Please see the pictures.

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  • Dementia Garden

    Dementia Garden

    The dementia garden has been re-landscaped. The idea is the new path ways and summer house will give the residents space to explore. There’s a post box and water feature, as well as some chickens the residents can help feed each day. There is still quite a bit of planting to do, so keep a look out, as the space develops in the coming months. Please see the pictures.

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  • Retirement


    On the 8th November Janice Doore retired after working at Eckling Grange for the past nine years. We would like to thank Janice for all she has done over the years and we wish her every blessing in her retirement. Please see the pictures.

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  • India Week

    India Week

    Week commencing the 2nd November, was our second internationally themed week of the year. The residents enjoyed several different activities during the week all themed around, life in India. One of the favourite days was, when some of our Indian staff came in wearing their native clothes. Another favourite was the food, which was enjoyed by all. We would like to thank all those who took part during the week and especially, thank you to those who prepared the amazing food we enjoyed. Please see the pictures.

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  • Harvest 2014

    Harvest 2014

    Once again all of the residents and their families came together to celebrate Harvest Thanksgiving. Pastor Ian also reminded everyone, of God’s continued goodness and faithfulness to us all.

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  • Norfolk Broads 2014

    Norfolk Broads 2014

    In September we took a group of residents for a day trip on the Norfolk Broads. Everyone enjoyed their day out, as you will see from the pictures.

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  • Making Tracks

    Making Tracks

    An interesting afternoon was spent with Paddy Anstey, who came and gave a talk about the railways, including Mid Norfolk

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  • Summer Garden Party 2014

    Summer Garden Party 2014

    What a great time was had by all on the 9th August, at our first Garden Party. Between 150-200 residents, families and friends came and enjoyed the fun. There was all sorts of things to do, from Bric-a-brac to book stalls, from treasure trails to cake stalls, and of course, plenty of refreshments and ice creams. A big thank you, goes to all of those who volunteered.

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  • Retirement Presentation

    Retirement Presentation

    On the 16th July we had a retirement presentation for Julie Hannant. Julie started work at Eckling Grange in February 2003 and over the years she had worked as both a Carer and Shift Supervisor. Julie received gifts from the Grange, marking her 11 years of service and she will be missed by all.

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  • Ian & Lynda Masson

    Ian & Lynda Masson

    In April we had a special morning hearing the testimonies of our Pastor and his wife. Everyone especially enjoyed hearing Lynda sing.

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  • Fairhaven Woodland and Water Garden

    Fairhaven Woodland and Water Garden

    On the 8th May a group of residents enjoyed the day looking around Fairhaven Gardens. As you can see from the sign, they also caused a little congestion in the tea room.

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  • Southburgh Children’s Choirt

    Southburgh Children’s Choirt

    On the 6th May, the residents enjoyed a wonderful evening of music and colour, as the Southburgh Children’s Choir performed a rendition of the musical “Joseph”.

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  • Lounge Refurbishment

    Residents take to the air waves

    As part of North Breckland Youth for Christ’s Easter activities, they ran a radio station for the Easter week called Breckfest Radio, which was broadcast around the Dereham area on 87.9 FM . One of the features during each day, was to hear the Easter story read from the Bible. Four of our residents joined other young people, who were recorded a few weeks earlier reading the story. Listen to the links and you will hear Jean Rudd, Josephine May, Margherita Wright and Marthi Hall, as they bridge the age gap and join in with Youth for Christ.

    Bible history 1
    Bible history 2
    Bible history 3
    Bible history 4
    Bible history 5
    Bible history 6
    Bible history 7
    Bible history 8
    Bible history 9
    Bible history 10
    Bible history 11
    Bible history 12

  • Lounge Refurbishment

    Lounge Refurbishment

    On the 27th May we started the main lounge refurbishment. Over the next seven weeks the room was completely stripped back to bare walls and additional insulation and a new heating system were added. The whole room was then plastered and redecorated before the final touches of carpeting and curtains were added. We are really pleased with the final result and we would like to especially thank the residents for their patience. A big thank you also needs to go to the contractors  for completing the work on time. The contractors included  Ian and James from Property Maintenance Services, Richard Frary (Plumbing), Richard Hawes (Electrician), Furncare (Carpeting and Curtains) and M+L Plasterer’s.

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  • Return Visit

    Return Visit

    On the 21st May the residents were wonderfully entertained by the Cringleford Singers. A great time was had by all, listening to a variety of music.

  • Ukraine Weeks

    Ukraine Weeks

    It’s a privilege to have staff who come from other countries and the residents love to find out about the local cultures, of the staffs home nation. So this year, we decided to have one or two themed weeks. The first nation we chose was the Ukraine. During the week we enjoyed making traditional Headdress and Easter Eggs. Maryna made Ukrainian cookies for the residents and on one of the days she came to work in national dress and talked about various Ukrainian traditions including dancing. On the Wednesday, even the menu for the day was Ukrainian (and tasted very nice). Everyone had a great week. A big thank you goes to Maryna Polishchuk for helping Carol and making it all possible.

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  • Bombay teen challenge

    Bombay Teen challenge

    As part of our Christmas gifts, each year Eckling Grange supports other charities both home and abroad and one of those for 2014 was The Bombay Teen Challenge. On the 20th May, Malcolm and Debbie Rogers came to talk about the work which they are involved in, with the Bombay Teen Challenge, having only just returned from India. Take a look at their website which is full of information.

    Visit Bombay Teen Challenge website >

  • Race for Life

    Race for Life

    On the 17th May, 10 members of staff and children, formed TEAM ECKLING GRANGE and entered the Race for Life at the Norfolk Show Ground, raising money for Cancer Research UK. I’m pleased to say that everyone successfully completed the course on a very hot day. Well done to all who took part, we are proud of you.  

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  • Ruth Goddard turns 100

    Ruth Goddard turns 100

    On the 11th March, Mrs Ruth Goddard celebrated her 100th birthday. During the afternoon Ruth was joined by her Son and Daughter in-law, Grandchildren, and Great Grandchildren as well as other family members. Ruth has been a resident at Eckling Grange for the last 18 years. I am pleased to say that the Queen also remembered to send her a card to mark the special occasion.

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  • Easter Fun day

    Easter Fun day

    What a lot of fun was had over Easter. Over one week and all of these pictures were taken. You can see that everyone has enjoyed, making Hat’s, Eggs and Cakes. The cakes look like they went down extremely with all as well as the Easter Eggs for all on the day. Well done to Carol and Sue who look after the activities at Eckling Grange, clearly a great week. Also over Easter, Teenagers involved with SOAK (a social action week run by North Breckland Youth for Christ ) came and got involved with the residents. The residents loved talking and playing games with the young people.

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  • Mother’s Day Tea

    Mother’s Day Tea

    We once again held our annual Mother’s Day Tea for the residents and their families. This year, ‘CUP CAKES’ was the theme of the day and over 50 guests enjoyed a buffet meal together. Take a look at the pictures, to see that fun was had by all.

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  • 60th Wedding Anniversary

    60th weedding anniversary

    On the 27th March we had the opportunity to join with Archie and Marthi Hall as they celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary. Archie and Marthi first met, when Archie went to preach at a Church in Potters Bar. After this Archie started to write to Marthi which ended with them getting married at Hammersmith London in 1954. They have 5 Boys, 16 Grandchildren and 1 Great-Grandchild and they have been happily married for 60 years. Archie and Marthi have both been living at Eckling Grange since 2010.

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  • Time for a Cuppa

    Time for a Cuppa

    As part of raising awareness about dementia, Eckling Grange took part in ‘Dementia UK’s Time for a Cuppa. On Wednesday 5th March we invited all of our residents families and the residents from our sheltered accommodation to come and join us for Tea and Cake. The lounge was packed with visitor and everyone enjoyed spending time with one another. Many also commented about how homely the Wing feels following recent redecoration. Take a look at the pictures to see how many enjoyed the afternoon.

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  • Dereham Windmill

    Dereham Windmill

    On 27th February, Brian & Alison Webb came and gave a talk about Dereham Windmill and its recent restoration. Residents from the home and bungalows enjoyed hearing and seeing the presentation. Take a look at the pictures or visit

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  • Pastoral Appointment

    Pastoral Appointment

    The Trustees of Eckling Grange are delighted to announce the appointment of Mr Ian Masson as Pastor to Eckling Grange. This appointment will commence on the 3rd February 2014 and Ian will take on the lead role heading the Pastoral Team and Spiritual work.

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  • Christmas Eve

    Christmas Eve

    Christmas Eve was a great time of fun around the Grange and Wing. We finished the afternoon with some fun around the Christmas tree.

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  • Bungalow Christmas Dinner

    Bungalow Christmas Dinner

    On the 12th Dec, 50 of the residents from the bungalow complex came to the Grange for a Christmas meal. All enjoyed turkey with all of the trimmings and the hats!

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  • Preparing Christmas

    Preparing Christmas

    Why buy decorations when you can make them yourself. Several residents have been busy preparing for Christmas. Have a look at the pictures.

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  • Hats


    During an activity morning in December, fun was had by all as we spent the morning reminiscing about days out, involving hats. Have a look at the picture, clearly a fun time.

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  • Hope Now 2014

    Hope Now 2014

    Once again, it was a pleasure for the residents this year to be entertained by the young people from Hope Now, who came and performed traditional songs and dancing from the Ukraine. The group called ‘Zozulenka’ visited Eckling Grange while touring the UK on their 2013 tour.

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  • Fun in the Wing

    Fun in the Wing

    Fun is had by all each week when John Money entertains the residents, some even have ago at some dancing.

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  • Norfolk Broads Boat Trip

    Retirement after 57 years

    On Friday 20th September we had a retirement presentation in the main lounge for Linda Read who started work here in 1975, yes that’s 38 years of service and Cindy Butler started in 1994. Linda has only ever worked nights but Cindy started work in the laundry before progressing to care work, then lastly to night shifts. Linda said that she only came for two weeks (they must have been the longest two weeks of her life). Both received gifts from the Grange on behalf of all, marking the many years of care that they have given. Both will be missed by all. Have a look at some of the pictures.

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  • Norfolk Broads Boat Trip

    Everyone enjoyed a day out
    on the Broads

    For this month’s trip out we took some of our residents from the Grange and Wing for a trip out on the Broads. A dozen residents enjoyed the boat trip and picnic, as we sailed along in brilliant sun light. Have a look at some of the pictures.

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  • Norfolk Broads Boat Trip

    Norfolk Broads Boat Trip

    25 of our bungalow residents enjoyed a day out on the Norfolk Broads. They were picked up by coach and also stopped off at Potter Heigham on the way.

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  • 2013 Bowls Champion

    2013 Bowls Champion

    Once again we have held our annual bowls championship. This year Amy Doig was the run-away champion. You can see her receiving the Eckling Grange Shield.

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  • Carrotts to Cake

    Carrotts to Cake

    The residents in the Wing have been growing vegetables and bedding plants this year. They started with planting seeds in trays, which they then re-planted out in their garden. In the pictures you can see the carrots being picked and then turned into a very tasty Carrott Cake.

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  • Norfolk Christian care home celebrates 50 years

    Norfolk Christian care home celebrates 50 years

    On the 15th June we celebrated the 50th Anniversary of the official opening of Eckling Grange. 230 people joined in the celebrations which were held in a Marquee on the main lawns. Among the guests, were several who also attend the opening in 1963. The guests included former Trustees, Managers and family and friends of the current residents. The main point of the afternoon was to give thanks to God for all that he has provided at Eckling Grange over the years. Mr Russell Horne and Mr David Jack spoke of their experiences and testified of Gods faithfulness at Eckling Grange. During the afternoon the Bridgham and Harling Band entertained everyone, pictures of the past and present were on display and all enjoyed a buffet provided from the Grange kitchen. We had an amazing day of celebration and the Trustees particularly want to thank all of the staff who made the event such a success.
    Read an article from Network Mid Norfolk

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  • North Breckland Youth for Christ

    North Breckland Youth for Christ

    On the 9th May NBYFC came to talk to the residents about the youth/school work they are involved with in the North Breckland area of Norfolk.

  • Cringleford Singers

    55 Years of Happy Marriage

    In the 3rd of May Alf and Pam Holland from Bungalow 32 celebrated being married for 55 years.

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  • Outings 2013

    Outings 2013

    Take a look at the outings planned for 2013. We start off with a trip to Felbrigg Hall on the 22nd April. Once again this year we are using the local Charity Bus with wheel chair access provided by Roy Spalding.

    Download pdf
  • Cringleford Singers

    Cringleford Singers

    On Wednesday the 20th March we had a great afternoon, being entertained by the Cringleford Singer. This was the first time they had been to Eckling Grange but we have already had several requests to re-book them to return.

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  • Mother's Day Tea

    Mother's Day Tea

    On Mother’s day we had around 40 family and friends who came and enjoyed afternoon tea together with the residents. Each year the residents have the opportunity to invite two guests to join them for Mother’s Day.

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  • Elaine Denny

    Elaine Denny

    On the 27th Feb Elaine Denny came to sing to a large group the residents from both the Wing and Grange.

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  • Snow at the Grange

    Snow at the Grange

    Like all of central Norfolk, Eckling Grange has had its fair share of snow this week. Take a look at some of the pictures taken this week around the Grange.

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  • 70th Wedding Anniversary

    70th Wedding Anniversary

    On the 3rd January David and Betty Everett celebrated the 70th Wedding Anniversary. Several generations of the family came and joined the celebrations in the lounge.

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  • Christmas Dinner 2012

    Christmas Dinner 2012

    On Dec 13th 45 bungalow residents came to the Grange for a Christmas meal together. This is one of the rare occasions in the year when the bungalow residents are all together without residents from the home. Stewart welcomed the nine new residents who had moved in during 2012.

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  • Dereham's answer to Alfie Boe

    Dereham's answer to Alfie Boe

    On the Dec 19th Ian Eves came and entertained the residents with a selection of Classic Christmas songs.

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  • Christmas Eve

    Christmas Eve

    On Christmas Eve the staff entertained the residents with all sorts of fun. The time was finished off with singing carols together and hearing the Christmas story read from the Bible.

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  • Christmas Party

    Christmas Party

    Our annual Christmas party was held on Dec 27th this years. Around 70 residents from the bungalows and home enjoyed some good old fashioned party games, after which Father Christmas dropped in, on his way back to Lapland after a very busy few days!!

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  • 2012 Art Display

    2012 Art Display

    The 6th December was our Annual Water Colour Art Display. Twice a week we have a budding group of artists that meet together under the guidance of Colin Launchbury. They have painted many diffrerent sceneries over the year but these are one or two of their favourites.

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  • Annual Craft Sale 2012

    Annual Craft Sale 2012

    Once again the craft group have been working away all year on all sorts of different craft items. This year's sale has been a successful as ever but if you missed it, you can always come and buy something from the permanent display in the reception.

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  • Christmas tree fest

    Christmas tree fest

    On Monday 3rd December a group of residents went to Fakenham (care of the Dereham Charity Bus) and enjoyed seeing all of the Christmas Trees on display. This is the third year we've been and is always a favourite, even if it was cold!

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  • Windmill Ringers 2012

    Windmill Ringers 2012

    On Friday 28th November the Windmill Ringers came and entertained the residents with a selection of well-known hymns and tunes.

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  • Cameo Singers

    Cameo Singers

    On November 26th the Cameo Singers came and lead the an afternoon of song, poetry and scripture. The lounge was full, with residents from all areas of the home.

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  • Hope now tour 2012

    Hope Now 2012 Tour

    On November 19th we had the opportunity to hoist the singing group Zozulenka. As part of Hope Now's annual tour of the UK, Zozulenka came and entertained the resident with a colourful display of singing and dancing. What a great afternoon. Visit the Hope Now website: to find out more about their work in the Ukraine.

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  • 50th anniversary

    50th Anniversary!

    On November 13th Mr & Mrs Derek Earl celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. Derek and Hannelore have lived in a bungalow at Eckling Grange for the past ten years.

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  • A touch of magic

    A touch of Magic!

    On November 8th one of the Trustees of Eckling Grange Mr Richard Oliver was performing magic. Richard and his wife Wilma, plus two of their friends came and entertained a large group of residents with Magic!! and Music.

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  • Double Golden Celebrations

    Special day !

    October 6th 2012 was a special day for two couples who have been involved with Eckling Grange for many years. Peter & Ann Baldwin and Andy & Mary Jack both celebrated their Golden Wedding.

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  • Train Trip from Wroxham to Aylsham

    Train trip!

    A group went out for a trip on the train from Wroxham to Aylsham

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  • Strawberry Tea 2012

    Nearly 100 family and friends gathered on the lawn and enjoyed Ian Eves (our singing builder).

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  • Jubilee Celebrations

    Jubilee Celebrations

    Both residents and staff gathered for our Jubilee Celebration. In the morning all were able to watch the Jubilee Service from St Paul's on the large screen

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  • Train Trip

    Bowls Group finally outside

    At last the Bowls group have been able to move outside.

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